Thursday, July 7, 2011

An interview with Jerrell about PEANUT BUTTER AND JEALOUSY

Today I had a powerful interview with Jerrell Johnson, minister and rap artist extraordinaire. I believe he is an anointed rap artist and anointed minister of the Word. I appreciate Jerrell's teachings on a lot of topics. In this interview we chopped it up about each track (except the Outro which I wish we had more time for) on his 2010 album PEANUT BUTTER AND JEALOUSY, available at Some powerful messages are in each track, mainly THE BACKGROUND which is a song that encourages listeners to tune out the background music or anything we substitute as background music in our life--specifically anything that prevents us from hearing clearly from God. I appreciate Jerrell trying to live for God and using his music to get others to hear from God clearly. I truly appreciated this interview.

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