Friday, January 6, 2012

An interview with Michael McGehee on Iran

Yesterday I spoke with MICHAEL MCGEHEE, a writer for the New York Times Examiner ("the antidote to the paper of record") about his article which I found very important on Iran called "For the Times, Iran "threatens" and the U.S. "prepares."

I found this article important because it explains how the mainstream media is selling lies to million person audience in order to justify a military attack on Iran to exploit its oil. In my interview with Michael, we discuss what makes the IAEA report, that U.S. government and mainstream media promotes, including the New York Times, absolutely a farce. We also discuss in Michael's article the stated reasons that government officials have given for military intervention in the "Middle East." These interventions are primarily concerned with exploiting the oil in these countries, despite the technologies we've had for decades that could build industries on renewable energy, instead on non renewable energy that will run out and, thanks to the U.S. & European banks, will precipitate a massive economic crisis if we don't stop our oil dependence. We also talked briefly about Matthew's latest article on the Congo which enumerates human rights atrocities there thanks to the exploitation of natural resources by private American companies. FAIR today has called on readers to write and email the New York Times Public Editor Arthur Brisbane and ask him to investigate and retract the lies in its January 5th article claiming that Iran is a "threat." His email is and his office number is 212 556 7652. Call and tell him the New York Times is committing the same errors now that they did in 2004 when they allowed Judith Miller (who was never truly prosecuted for fabricating stories) who reported lies about Saddam Hussein developing "weapons of mass destruction." I just did!!! The only weapon of mass destruction is coming from mainstream American news outlets like the New York Times who support lies intended to justify military invasions of Iran. We have to take a stand and let them know we do not approve of our government's plan to invade yet another country while millions more in this country go without standard education, healthcare, jobs, and affordable housing. About three days following our interview, Michael McGehee provided me with the report proving that the IAEA 'report' used to justify our hostility towards Iran is in fact falsified. This report shows that Amano is basically following U.S. orders by falsifying the IAEA report to claim that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. -RF.