Thursday, April 21, 2011

My interview with Paul Street

It was my pleasure to talk with independent journalist, policy adviser, and historian Paul Street about his book BARACK OBAMA AND THE FUTURE OF AMERICAN POLITICS. I read this book because I am very very interested in the role of Barack Obama in U.S. history. I think he is meant to continue the growing divide between rich and poor and I am frankly fascinated with how his skin color is a scapegoat that allows him to do this. The richest 1% in this country profits immensely from the social construction of race which arguably tempers or stifles a lot of meaningful progressive criticism about the policies of the Obama administration. This aired on Thursday, April 21st on my show Freedom Readers, a book talk show that airs on 88.1 FM WPEB, West Philadelphia Community Radio. This was a delightful interview because Paul's scholarship is not only extremely dense and important to know, but his conversation in these approximate two hours was extremely dense and contained more information that is important to know. It is honor to have this conversation. Check out his website at I told him I plan on reading his latter two books, THE EMPIRE'S NEW CLOTHES and his upcoming CRASHING THE TEA PARTY with Paul Di Maggio very soon. What he writes in his book is information we should all be aware of. To hear this interview, click PLAY below. -RF.