Tuesday, June 3, 2008

See "Beautiful Me(s)" by Robin Hayes

From: Robin J. Hayes <robinhayes@aya.yale.edu>

Beautiful Me(s): Finding our Revolutionary Selves in Black Cuba, is the truestory of an underdog group of graduate students at Yale who journey to Cubaand discover hope for the struggle against racism. Many of the studentsfeatured have gone on to earn PhDs in African American Studies.Until June 30, you can watch the entire film online athttp://cinema.lycos.com/promo/independentfeatures<http://cinema.lycos.com/promo/independentfeatures> . When you arrive atthe website, click ³Documentary² under All genres and enter Beautiful Mes inthe search bar. The films with the most views and highest ratings will beinvited to screen at the Independent Features Film Festival this July atTribeca Cinemas in NYC. If you can, please watch the film, rate the filmand pass this link on to a friend.If you¹d like more information about the documentary, to host a screening ofit or be added to our email list, please email me atblackresistancereadinggroup@gmail.com.